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Nobody is forcing you to post your stories on this site right SP? I mean, it's not like you aren't free to just never come back. There are other forums and they will let you delete your shit stories, I mean, your literal stories about feces. I can't imagine a better forum then the one right here on WB. People love your shit! Just ask N.P. He eats it up
Don't leave
Keep writing.
Sit and stay

No. Wait. Leave
Go away.
Comeback don't leave us.

We could play this game forever cant we?
I will read every single piece you publish on WB until the day I die and that's a promise. All your stories are gold. Truly you are like a Pikachu and I am hunting pokemon. Your stories are great, stop deleting them silly writers shying away from the crit.? Naw, I don't think it's shyness is it
i didnt do it, except...

i dream, you dream, we all do --
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