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Originally Posted by daes13 View Post
Only post in Members only. Never put title in thread line. Request no one quotes parts from the piece. Its the only way

You can delete the thread but the thread title remains

Change the title of your poems and if anything is quoted ask that user to delete it
What's funny about all this is nothing ever really gets deleted, er, unless the FBI gets a hold of it, they seem to misplace all sorts of evidence. SpShane if you're really worried about people stealing your stuff, you should call up the NSA and give them a piece of your mind! Or stop posting on a forum. Your choice. I mean, WB is published. Self-published 100% Deas is right, post in Members only and don't sweat the small stuff it won't come back to bite you in the end. Can't imagine, there's so many writers in the world,. so many stories, you'll be okay
i didnt do it, except

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