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Originally Posted by spshane View Post
My comments fall in line with Chris Spinners comments on a closed thread.
The writers and the readers here are phenomenal; it's the platform itself that's broken. And no one seems to give a shit about fixing it.

I'm reluctant to make new posts. Once they're up, the OP seems to have little to no control over them. I can edit them and even delete the content, but the thread stays up. Understand that when I delete a thread it's not because my feelings are hurt. It's usually because I'm ready to take all the valuable feedback and move along to the next step (finding a publisher).

It's difficult to find a publisher when your piece comes up under plagiarism checks. While I can explain to a publisher that I'm the OP here, it's a conversation I'd rather not have. I know about the Members Only forum now, but the OP should still be able to delete his own threads.
Sorry SpShane but you'll get published really soon, so don't worry about not being able to delete your threads, you are being published in realtime and it will not be erased --History is in those stories you share. If you don't want people to see what you write don't self-publish on a forum -- But that's okay, I know it's because you need the crit., I've got your back on the homefront
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