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Jatindranath Singh and his little brother, Dinesh, went down to a tributary of the Ganges River early one morning with a sack full of clothes to wash. Their mother, Baljeet, was sick with the flu and other diseases, so it was up to them to take over the more mundane household chores. This also included baking nan not only for themselves but also for their two younger sisters, Ashapurna and Himani. Ramesh, their father, had not been seen for months as he was away in the service of the prime minister. Even though the family knew only abject poverty, Ramesh hoped any stipend he earned would bring his family some fortune and lead to a better life away from their poor village.

Growing ever weaker, Baljeet started giving up hope. One night, Ramesh surprised everyone with a visit. He brought baskets of bread and fruit, tins of crackers and cured lamb sausages. As a special present to them all, he had also procured the services of young Gitanjali, an ayah, or maid, from the prime minister’s household. With Baljeet still recovering, Gitanjali was more than happy to help. Typically, very few people in their village could afford an ayah, so they considered themselves lucky as if Vishnu, the preserver, was smiling with favor upon them. Soon, with the ayah’s help, Baljeet’s strength returned. Jatindranath and Dinesh were able to return to school, Ashapurna and Himani started helping around the house, and Gitanjali stayed on as long as they wished.