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Default Word Vault Contest #35

Mr. Muffin and his visitor sat in straight chairs on the veranda. He put aside his arpeggione and gave his full attention to the visitor.

“So, Mr. Wiggles, you claim to be a nephew of mine. I must advise you, many have tried to gain access to my fortune by such ploys. Have you any proof?”

Mr. Wiggles squirmed. His bony ass was ill-suited for the hard chair. “Consider for yourself. I am an avowed frugal person, the same as you. I was reared by a native ayah in India, just as you were. And I have the bony structure of a bird, as you do.”

“Yes, but birdship does not necessarily make kinship. You may be trying to nidulate using my money. Also, you strike me as a flashy person; that fallah gold bracelet is something I would never purchase.”

Mr. Muffin picked up the instrument and resumed plucking the strings, dismissing Mr. Wiggles.

Mr. Wiggles interrupted, “This bracelet was a gift from the King of Siam for services I performed. You cannot denigrate it without activating my wrath.”

“The King of Siam, you say? I knew him well. What color were his eyes?”

“He had no eyes, he was born with skin for eyes.”

“Dude, you are for sure what you say. Welcome to my family. Have a musical instrument.” Mr. Muffin passed him a banduria. “Chord of C minor.”