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Originally Posted by Writing Time View Post
Header paragraph, commensurate means equal or corresponding amount
ie: the same as usual
Thanks a lot for pointing this out. I'm trying to illustrate another point there which corresponds to the cosmology that I use in many of my works...but, you're right, it does seem nonsensical here, so I've changed it for present context.

Originally Posted by Minbard View Post
Yep - too long to read online and the font too small. This is not to say I wouldn't enjoy it in a book but I think you'd have more luck (if you wanted feedback) if you post just a small part of it - or at least a bit at a time.
I've made the font rather larger now. Incidentally, I uploaded this yesterday on virtually no sleep (I'm a chronic insomniac) and didn't notice that I could actually enlarge the font within the post itself. Does this help at all?
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