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Default Your opportunity to be in the next issue of the WBQ

Here ye’ here ye’ … Step right up. Who among the Writer’s Beat membership would like to appear in issue 39 of the Writer’s Beat Quarterly? With so many of our talented members expanding their literary portfolio, we want to make sure you’ve always got a stage on which to present and share your work; whether it’s a book release, a blog, or even a really insightful critique.

So this is a callout for any members who’d like to contribute to issue 39 in any of the following articles:

Blogger Files
It’s widely accepted these days that blogging is a crucial step in a writers journey, so we’re introducing a brand new article in issue 39 called The Blogger Files. These Blogger Files will feature three to four members each issue doing a short Q&A interview about their blog and aspirations. If you’re interested in taking part PM Bagit with a link to your blog and a short description.

Members’ News
This is where you can share any of your writing related news, whether it’s being published in a magazine, having your play produced, or releasing an album of music you’ve written. Whatever it is we want to know. If you’ve got some news to share please PM Redlorry with details

The Bookshop
To all those members who’ve published a book, long or short, mainstream or independent,’e’ or tree, we want it in our Bookshop. Give us the title, your author byline, a short 250 word blurb, the cost and where we can buy it, and we’ll pick as many as we can. If you’re accepted we’ll also ask you to e-mail us the cover image for use in the feature. If you’d like to ‘sell’ your book in The Bookshop PM Redlorry with details.

Critique Hall of Fame
This is a fairly new feature that was introduced to help members recognise the value of feedback and honest critique. Without members willing to spend the time and effort reading each other’s work and sharing their opinions we’d have no forum. So if you see or receive an excellent example of critique and you think the giver should be recognised for it, tell us! We’ll pick the most deserving each quarter and give them a spot in our Critique Hall of Fame. PM Redlorry with a link to the relevant thread and explain why you think the member is deserving of recognition.

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