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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
Mr. Pierce?

Oh. Hello, Nick. This is unexpected.
Are you allright?

Well, Mr. Pierce, I think I need some advice.

Oh. About what?

It's that I was listening to the President recently. One time he was talking about how his views on relationships are "evolving". And, in another address to us, how the world is changing. And how our responsibilities need to keep up.

Okay. And?

Well, awhile back a fella in Alaska- I wrote about this- he shot and killed a bear that approached him. When the bear was autopsied it was discovered he had no fat whatsoever. He was starving.

Yes. And?

Recently I was reading about a guy in Colorado who shot and killed a bear that was in his two room cabin with him. Uninvited.


So when the bear was examined he was found to be blind in one eye, lame and almost toothless.

Your point?

My point is neither of these critters could fend successfully in the wild.

And when they came to mankind for help they were murdered.


Mr. Pierce, I've been seeing ads showing how animals should recieve some of the considerations that humans give each other.

Well, Nick, I'm not so sure that means...

Mr. Pierce- I'm not saying they should be given free room and board in their sunset years.

My goodness. That's a relief. What are you saying?

In the spirit of changing times and evolving vison I would like to see them a little less defenseless as they attempt to feed.

Excuse me?

If they were provided some way to protect theirselves, as their natural abilities declined, then at least two innocent critters, two of nature's children, would, perhaps, still be alive.

Nick- you're not suggesting it would be right to arm bears, are you?

Of course not, Mr. Pierce.
But I would support more discussion on the issue of their safety.

Nick- I...uhhh...let me digest this.
I will get back to you.

Okay, Mr. Pierce. Thanks. Next time I would also like to talk about how cows and chickens are being treated by society.
Oh, and fish, too.

I crack me up sometimes.

Nick, were you speaking to me?

Nah, Mr. Pierce.
Just musing aloud.

Oh. I see.
Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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