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Default Nice Guys Finish Last by blake1138

3am and she is at my door again
and of course I will let her in
and of course I will be sympathetic

she crosses the thresh hold
fake fur coat
over sized sunglasses
looking so frail
and in my arms again

I lead her to the couch
sit her among the odd pillows
I ask if she is okay
when I know the answer
I need a drink she says
as I am already pouring

I take her in as I turn around
this disheveled woman
on my disheveled couch
she is staring at the glass
and she needs it
she says

I take her glasses off
her hair falls over new bruises
on top of old bruises
lips that I have only imagined kissing
busted and torn
and of course I am sympathetic

I don't ask what happened
but she offers excuses
and of course it is her fault
and of course he will not do it
he can change
pour me another she says
and I pour

I sit beside her
bring her close
shhhhhh sweetie
I am here and everything
will be alright

then she says
just as the times before

I don't know what I would do
without you
you take such care of me
you are my best

and what can I do?
to tell anyone would be
to lose her
to lose this
and it starts to rain outside
washing everything anew

she is sleeping
she is safe
and of course I love her
and of course I am a good
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