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Default Asshole who died in the middle of rush hour traffic by beefheart

A body lays about a
mile down the road
but I can't see it.
All I see is an endless
haze of tail lights.
The bones splinter
and give way under
the magnificent
weight of well-
engineered genius.
But I can't see it.
I am fucking around
with the radio dial,
I am tapping my useless
fingers against the
steering wheel, I am
swearing about the

Three quarters of a mile
down the road there lays
a body that is quickly
losing blood. Little
lungs heave in then
out just barely and
they won't last
very much longer.
The other drivers are
getting frustrated too,
so they cut into the
emergency lane, all
smirking at their
cleverness. But the lane
ends just a few yards up
the road so they have to
merge left again, thus
creating more traffic.
I nose my way into the
emergency lane and stay
there, in an effort to
block them and they all
pile up, a hundred deep
behind me, snarling in
my rear-view.

Half a mile down the road
the body's lungs have
finally ceased and it is
losing consciousness.
It's sight goes first but
it can still hear the
faintest sound of
honking. An ambulance
is far away behind me,
trying to get through
but has phoned head
quarters and given up.
People have managed
to get around me by
driving off the pavement
and they give me the
finger as they pass.

A quarter mile down the
road, the ambulance
arrives. They had to get
there by entering on
an off ramp and driving
against traffic. But it's
too late, the body is
already dead. It is
exhumed by the firemen
and examined by the EMTs,
then taken away by the
coroner. The state trucks
come and clear up the
wreck. Traffic starts
to clear up too.

Driving past the scene
now, and there is
nothing left to see,
just glass and sand
scattered on the road
way. Everyone gets
to go home, finally.
On the news that
night they'll briefly
mention the driver
who died on Route 8
and that'll be the end
of that.
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