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The reception filled the church pews with a rambunctious energy that stirred the very air of the chapel. Affront the mass of people, the Pastor stood proudly as he radiated in pronubial stature from the altar.

From amidst the wooded outskirts of the churchyard there walked a lone girl. She walked quickly, taking short pauses to formulate her way through the reticulation of paths, unable to distinguish what was manmade, and what was natural cut in the vegetation from flooding. The tight twisted myriad of routes was lined with trees ablaqueated from the harsh inhospitable weather of the region.

Breaking into the opening of the churchyard her eyes gained a gleam of relief. She approached the waxen doors of the chapel and took a moment to feel their xyloid finish with the flat of her palm, commotion brimming inside. A moment to breathe…

Having flung the left hand door open, she was immediately struck with horror, which drained her face of its youthful glow. Much like a hushed whisper, the commotion previously heard when approaching the threshold of the chapel had disappeared. The reception had evaporated.

The carillon bells began to softly yet steadily chime over head, their ring filling the air enough to make allocating the source impossible. She stepped back in despair, the once white chapel now charred and missing two thirds of its roof. The ghastly ringing of a bell that was not present in the tower evinced the young girl… she truly was lost.