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Default That Man!

The man was hard to control, rambunctious, thatís the word my mother used. I remember on each Sunday morning, the carillon we played at the top of the church tower rang out loud and clear, how when Iíd arrived home Mother would say, that man exerts no control, what a cacophony for a Sunday morning. She never did like Mr Johnson, our chief bell ringer.

Iíve always loved the bells, the clear pure sound they make ringing out across the village. I started practising on my tenth birthday and on high days and holidays there I am at the top of the tower, loving every minute. It appears that feeling is about to change. Why, you may well ask? I guess it might be something to do with Stewart Mason.

Heís a nice enough fellow, but if I tell you he is somewhat boisterous, heavy-handed, that he constantly causes reticulation of the bell ropes, so much so, Iíve had to evince more than once, maybe youíll understand how I feel.

How often have I had to place my hands over his and slowly evince the correct method? His hands are smooth, tanned, so is his face. He has cloudy grey eyes, and, Iíve recently noticed his charismatic smile. I worry that I might have to disillusion him Ė heís no bell-ringer!

Today, regrettable, he said he wouldnít be able to continue our weekly sessions. I thought Iíd cry, but, oh lucky me, heíll be taking me to the cinema on Thursday.