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Joanna rushed back to the house one morning; the mussel-parade at the Hamlet Nights was too sinisterly terrifying for her to’ve stayed. But with it all, her dog had fleas.

Joanna worried. Meanwhile, the hurricane was also exhausted, so that Adam Li exclaimed:

“l must go up to the Store. Anyway, go check for Kimmy and see how she’s getting along. You can come too, Joanna! We’ll drive around by the grand Prescott house on our ride home. l’ve got the idea that Bruno Mars has been back over there!”

“Seven miles! Would he do such a thing?” wondered Ms. Joanna aloud.

But she had. When they reached the forsaken, motionless Prescott home, a chilling, begrudgingly flummoxed creature was gathered pessimistically on the empty porch, staring up at the two of them with wide, tempting frog eyes. Joanna scooped him into her arms and brought him into the carriage, along with all the muddy turf.

Joanna smiled. How the comforting moon-face was racing past the mead, just as the raindrops tore at the buggy-boards! What a delectable scent of salty air! What a world this place could be!

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