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Because of Barry Gibs the songwriter, who similarly had his first and last name, admittedly printed backwards. Because Barry planned on getting better. Because he hated the calm voices that answered like this:

“Barry noticed this particular thread many such years ago,” and, “But when you call me up, do you call for anyone, even supposing that you’re stupid?” as well as, “Before Professor Marksteimmer hated you, he loved you, whereas l hate you still," concludingly.

Barry was inconveniently startled as he brought the Gibson down and played on it. lt seemed to have become a morning of unpleasant miscalculations, which was why poor Barry had forgotten he had an audience watching his chords. Barry was only listening with a quarter of his attention span, and when it was time to set the table, as they sat heavy over the empty dishes, he made the assessment like this: "l’m not very good yet, but they’ll be shocked if l won’t become great at this!”

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