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Originally Posted by Shelly View Post
The only time I ever noticed time discrepancies was when I was younger dropping seconals (downs). Tanked, I'd enter a dance club at 10 P.M., crash in a corner, and then find someone tugging on my arm, waking me, to tell me that it's 4: 00 A.M. and it's time to leave because the club is closing. Six hours missing time. It used to happen often. Never thought of it as being "abducted" before your post, Roc.
I wasn't intoxicated. But if it pleases you to believe I was, be my guest. One person reported being pursued by a UFO one night while driving his car. He was told he'd been desperately fleeing from the planet Venus. Nothing new.


Your intoxication suggestion causes your other initial statement to seem sarcastically insincere.

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