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Default UFO Experience

This is about an experience I had in the 1970's in Miami Florida one foggy night involving what is referred to as as a UFO. I had been waiting for the bus on an isolated, suburb, street for fifteen minutes under a light drizzle when I saw a white light flying from downtown, Miami in my direction. Altitude was just below thick-fog-cover level, maybe fifty feet. Velocity approx 3 MPH.

I immediately recognized it as the same mysterious, silent, white, horizontally-quavering light I had seen from my Gibson Hotel window flying at the same speed but at a far higher altitude the night before. Again I assumed it to be either a small, private, plane or helicopter. But those machines make noise whereas this thing was absolutely silent. Neither do any of these two shimmy horizontally or fly at a walking pace. Possible for the chopper and Harrier Jet but extremely unlikely and both produce sound.
So barring a weather-balloon, blimp, or hot-air-balloon, all of which don’t shimmy that way as they go, I was left with the only conclusion which didn’t involve the supernatural, and inspire me to bolt into a dead-run as I'd done as a kid with the Chihuahua. Having tagged it as a relatively harmless UFO, I calmly held my ground hoping to get a better look.

It finally came parallel to where I stood as it began passing above some houses across the street. I noticed that the round white, light wasn't the vessel itself at all. Instead, the round, white, light was attached to this enormous, diamond-shaped thing that dwarfed the houses below it and which had a dull, brownish, surface resembling more a sickly, epidermis than a ship's metallic hull.

The thing's form was equally disturbing. Its vertical apexes were extremely elongated making its vertical length appear far out of proportion to it's hideously, narrow diameter .

What I saw unnerved me but I watched anyway out of sheer curiosity. That’s when it suddenly and silently stopped, doused its frontal white light, re-lit it on its rim facing me and focused it on me for about five seconds. It wasn't a blinding light, but an intense and soothing one. It did the same with a green and red one of the same quality.

Then after the white light had be once more been positioned in the direction the thing had been traveling, it resumed its silent, slow, flight while gradually turning in the direction of the Miami Airport.

The backwash from those lights gave me a clearer view and it was alien. The surface, the massiveness, the design, the effortless defiance of gravity all seemed unearthly in a repugnant way. But the lights did compensate to a significant degree and perhaps that kept me from bolting.
When I arrived home I noticed a time discrepancy; as if I had missed my bus and caught a later one.
I decided it was best to believe the whole unpleasant, thing a hallucination. But next morning’s newspaper spoke of a UFO seriously disrupting Miami Airport traffic during the night.

I unfortunately saw it twice more in the middle of the night when I seemed to need a look out the window. But I haven’t seen the accursed thing again in the decades since. Considering its disregard for my freedom of choice, general suspicious antics and repulsive appearance, I would have preferred that it had ignored me.

I have also wondered why I didn't panic when those lights were used on me since I had recently read of people having been burned by UFOS that way. Instead, the seemingly fathomless intensity, purity and depth of the colors held me as if mesmerized. Strange how such an ugly thing could emit such beautiful light!

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