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You write as well as any reporter I ever read. Your brother's generation was a tough bunch. And the war seems like it happened a thousand years ago--nobody ever wants to go near it nowadays--it's like some kind of plague.

I remember my uncle Sonny. He used to walk the the street limping, and on bad days he'd be needing a cane. As a young man just out of his teens, he had gotten shot-up at the Battle of the Bulge.

He was close to his his family. He'd send them two or three letters a week. And then came that frightening period when they hadn't received a single letter from him in more than three weeks. Everyone back home thought the worst (that's how family's think in times of war); they thought he had been killed in action.

But when they received the letter he wrote while recovering in a hospital, they couldn't contain the joy--it was like hitting the lottery and being the new parents of triplets all rolled into one! Sonny made it back home to his loved ones but he left the war behind him. Not once would he ever speak about his stint in the army.

And the limp, well, that was like his badge of honor. He never complained about it and if you pressed him for an opinion about it, he'd tell you that the bullet holes in his legs were well worth the comfort America was providing for his family, especially his mom whom he loved dearly.

I myself am not as brave as the gallant men of the earlier generation. This was the fighting force that put the greatness in America. Though prepared to go fight the yellow man if my ticket was pulled, I wasn't as enthusiastic and courageous about facing the enemy as your brother was. President Johnson's bullshit war was a farce, and he got many young Americans killed and injured for no good cause.

I'm glad I beat the draft, yet sorry for those who didn't and never returned. In a sense, I wish I had the power to turn all those men free instead of watching them on television dying in battle from the comfort of my living room.

Your brother (and it seems you too) are from the last great generation of Americans. I admire the courage of military-minded individuals but there has to be a better way than always killing to achieve peace. Man's greatest flaw is to sieze control of everything, thus driving his neighbor to defend himself.

Too much war--from start to finish.

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