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Originally Posted by calligraphy View Post
I'm doing evaluations for Authors now and my biggest pet peeve is planted characters for world view. Bring your world view into the story, certainly...If it is ORGANIC.

All characters can be built, constructed, and then you have to see if they will fly. If they don't, stop forcing them upon us as readers because you dreamt of making YOUR story different.

For me, my characters come out diverse because I grew up in a diverse community. I don't write them to seem "diverse", I grew up in a place as a minority myself.

When they say "Write what you know", what they mean is draw from your own experiences enough that you have a texture of it that doesn't sound like a copy from your recent sitcom.

With a "character cast" these people should tick the way you've seen people in real life tick, first, and then if you want to add a sheen of fiction to them, something completely fiction, then go ahead.

Most of my characters are a blend of people I knew, quirks, things I've seen, personalities I like/dislike. They come to me in all forms, but I reject them hands down if it's too much effort to get them to really jump off the page.

One of the biggest things I've learned recently is every. character. matters.

Ones that YOU didn't think were integral, become so over time, especially in a series.
I'd have to agree. I definitely have thrown out stories that I started specifically to share my world view. But it wasn't flowing naturally. I don't think the diversity part fits me, though. I got around it by writing primarily about aliens giving me total control over their societies! Well mostly. So there are many ways to portray diversity without it seeming forced. And I agree especially with the last paragraph.

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