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I don't really get the full of the question... Flat characters aren't exicting. Readers don't like flat characters. No one likes flat characters unless they are secandary, playing a minor personality to build on the others. Unless it's for the genre. The obviously stereotyped players of the game. The snotty rich kid, the preppy cheerleader, all those. If they are the MC then making them at first come off as one sided is great characterization for later when you do finally go deeper than the outer line.

So... Characterization is a must, and if a writer employs that then their Character won't be flat. And being flat is characterization in its own.

What I think is a harder thing to do and learn and answer is whether your character react to their enviroment, or actively engage it. It's even hard to define. I read it once and the words stuck with me.
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