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Default The Werewolf Ate my Homework - Lmc71775

I’m supposed to write a story on werewolves. Mr. Marks gave us a writing assignment in English class last week and it’s due tomorrow. I guess I could tell them my story—about the wolf I’ve seen in the forest preserves lately—the one that’s been hunting me down every time the moon is full. It would be a scary tale, not like you’d see in the movies where the werewolf falls in love with the pretty girl (and why does she always have to be pretty anyway)?

No it would be scary alright. I would be the one being chased, a heavy set girl with plain looks and forgettable eyes. Maybe that’s what the wolf wants—more meat to bite into, someone who’s going to disappear unknowingly. I doubt it very highly if they would do a search and rescue on a girl like me. I am nothing to write home about.

To tell you the truth, I’m worried. Not that the wolf will kill me, or bite me and then I would become one too, but something else—something far darker than that.

Last night when I was walking home, I felt the urge to take a shortcut with Seth. He was a good guy and all, but I felt safe with him and in case the wolf wanted to eat for the night, I would have a snack for him. I know he doesn’t want to eat me just yet. There’s a purpose he is keeping me alive. Maybe it’s because I bring him people to munch on. Seth was the third person I gave him. Last week it was Jenny Van Meter. She was bothering me in class anyway. You know the types, the ones that think they’re better. So okay she was beautiful and popular. I know, bad choice, right? They’ve already combed the Lincoln Preserves for her. She ain’t there though.

My second choice was Carl. Carl always teased me, so he hada go too. That jerk just wouldn’t shut the hell up when I lured him in the woods. I promised to show him my boobs. That’s how I got him there.

Anyway, yeah…I think I’ll write about the last time the wolf ate. He watched me walk with Seth. Seth was a super tall skinny guy with a shaved head. When the wolf finally broke his neck and started chewing on his leg, he looked at me like “this is what you’re giving me now?” Again he probably figured “where’s the meat.” But he was satisfied none the less.

I watched him crunch down on his bones as the blood squirted out of his thighs. I think he broke into an artery or something cause it was all over the place. I was a little upset he got some of it on my new Skinny jeans. But I waved it off and told him to keep eating. I was able to get it out with Stain Stick.

Getting off the mark, so I suppose I could write about Mr. Wolfy in the woods, but right now he’s barking at the full moon, waiting to go out again. So this paper thing will hafta wait.

I decide to take the leash off the hook in the kitchen, wrap it around the mean scary wolf, and give him a walk. And along the way I see Mr. Marks from across the street getting a coffee. I look at Wolfy and think, mmm maybe I won’t need to do this paper after all.
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