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(and so the thread had built up to 400000 since april of 2011, the goblin loved anna's latest and simply thanked everyone who had posted here, and also those who had just read through the posts then, saying "...if it's not easy in execution it's simple as an idea, livewriting is merely the practice of producing something of oneself as a constant trickle of posts, where no one or nothing is ever asking one to livewrite now, no there are no rules per se, nor is there any fame nor fortune to be had by it neither, but it points to one's nature all the same, and thus I'll just repost this old post I did back in 2011 to restate my commitment to myself mostly, the point being that there is no point, yet when there is no point then whatever you post is really you isn't it...")

repost from elsewhere, the "how do you see yourself in thirty years time" thread

well, if the goblin was still alive in thirty years time, he had some idea of how he would look, yet he had no idea of what amazing things he could write, nor come across while writing them, as long as he just kept on facing the slot like this, explaining " see perhaps one's outer world slowly crumbles away while one's inner world forms but it seems that one has to first create one's inner world now lest one ends up with little of neither..."

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