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Now, anna knew in her bones that flea treasured his own head space deeply and this sort of idea wouldn’t be a natural part of his modus operandi for sure, but ‘needs must!’ she whispered resolutely whilst continuing to beaver away regardless. Flea watched in silent fascination from his pillow by the light of the softest of moons as anna crept back and forth across the rug through his dreams unawares, she purposely crafted a delicate Bedouin tent like refuge in the corner of his imagination using all sorts of silk remnants she had gathered from long gone window panes. The pinks the limes the golds and turquoise layers shimmered in the chilly night air, there was an innocence in the construction of that tenty thing which she bound tenderly together with an assortment of pompoms, buntings and slinky fringe. ‘Night night flea’ she giggled - ‘can’t be made homeless from the cocoon of my own heart.’

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