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(and then having pressed the "new posts" button as was custom in these parts the goblin appeared as if out of nowhere only to reply "...I like you, you seem to have a way with words then and it would be so nice to have you post more..", in fact, whereas trolls lived mostly under bridges goblins tended to live in the comfort of their caverns, though instead this goblin lived in the city of geneva switzerland relating "...well yes, geneva is just an open cavern of comfort if ever such a thing could exist reallly, where unlike other cities across europe, geneva has followed the swiss trait of trying to contribute to conflicts behind the scenes while remaining out of them too, but perhaps we can go into that another time as I'm sure you're more interested in what you can get out of this forum now, which does beg the question then of "what you'd care to put into the forum to gain anything out of it", but let's see then...", as the goblin paused, weighed up a few thoughts in his mind before restarting "...well, at the end of the day a writer is just as he or she writes directly I guess regardless of "where" "what" and "when", I mean would you follow any author who goes around with some out of date mindset of "well these are my posts indeed, but instead of my posts really you should be reading my books because they're so much better" but that alas Debbie is what one often notes of writertypes on writer's forums, it's as if that elsewhereness thwarts their very goal of gaining readership through contacting their readers here, precisely because it shows that those authors don't acknowledge their readers as already reading them in whatever they post now, thus the plot is in the post, and the post gives birth to the plot too, is all I'm saying...", to which the goblin knew that there was more and hoped that Debbie was not adverse to his unseemly company)

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