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Well, all guns were legal at one point. They aren't manufactured in someone's basement -- brianpatrick's 3D printer aside.

I think what you're really saying -- at least as it applies to the U.S. -- is that we're already so awash in illegal guns, there's no point in making them a lot harder to get or trying to improve the systems to track them etc. -- which is just a variation of the old bumper sticker slogan "if you make guns a crime, only criminals will have guns."

I think we could do a better job -- but it's not something gun advocates or conservative politicians want to do. They see any measure to more stringently control guns as the path down the slippery slope, and at the bottom, the federales are going to storm their homes and take all their guns away.

It wouldn't be easy and the it would be slow going. And there isn't going to be any magic legislative bullet, because of course, what separates us from other countries is the deeply seated culture of guns and the other social and economic problems that drive gun related crime. Plus, there's the second amendment, that guarantees your right to own guns.

So again, essentially the argument is -- we've allowed this to fester for decades and get out of hand to the point where the only answer is -- do nothing.

BTW -- it's pretty much common knowledge were you can go in my city to get drugs. It's something I tried to avoid --
but I did it. It doesn't take a lot of asking around. And once you start using and hanging around with people who do drugs -- it's not very hard to get connected.

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