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Originally Posted by Myers View Post
I see the argument all the time that compares illegal drugs to firearms -- that people will somehow get their hands on them regardless of how draconian the laws are. (This isn't aimed at you.) I only partially buy it.

With drugs:

The source -- the raw material for drugs can be grown and the first stages of manufacturing can happen in the boondocks in third world countries. Almost impossible to stop.

Transport/Smuggling -- drugs are lightweight and malleable and can be smuggled inside just about anything -- including the human body.

Domestic manufacturing/growing -- for methamphetamine and counterfeit opioids and even MDA (although the raw materials are rare and hard to get) it doesn't take a lot to set up shop. Weed -- anyone with the equipment, space and know-how can grow it.

Demand -- from experience, I can tell you there is no one more tenacious, desperate and willing to take risks and spend a whole lot of money than a drug addict.

I'm not going to go through the specific differences of what it take to manufacture, smuggle and distribute guns etc. -- or how in comparison there would be far less demand and widespread willingness to break the law -- but you probably get the idea.

This is more conjecture -- I know a lot about drugs and where they come from, and not much about guns -- but I'm guessing just about everything to do with making illegal guns available is a heck of a lot harder -- and that it would be easier for law enforcement to find the sources and identify the different points along the supply chain. I mean -- a high school kid can hide/store and distribute drugs out of his parent's house or his school locker. Guns -- that's another story.

But of course, we all know how resourceful criminals can be...

We’re doing research on the best consumer 3D printers on the market (within a price range). As soon as we get one we are going to print our own guns. Hey, I️ wonder if we can print drugs?😀

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