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("...welcome back..." went the goblin wondering if "Ctrl A" follow by "space" might work would in clearing away the signature, then "Ctrl V" with the new text and signature to overwrite it, he restarted "...sad to hear about your books, though one idea might be to read your own book into a podcast and then upload that podcast on youtube as an audiobook there, I mean if they like book one, then they might buy book two, on to book three...", not that the goblin knew anything about books really, yes he had read some in his day and passed over others too, no instead he just liked chatting with anyone who'd care to converse with him here, smiling ", I guess I'm looking for someone who writes in her posts for the wholesome pleasure of it, or because they're a bit knocked off making them extraordinary in their encounter, or because they're someone who wants to pass the very essence of they're existence through the focus of their pen here, well any reason perhaps just as long as it's uplifting to read though...", at which point the goblin's wide eyes looked up at Debbie for a glitter of recollection, relating "...years pass but not here when you're anonymous like this, so welcome back now, I'll be where I was before...")

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