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repost from elsewhere, chatting with anna elsewhere

between the pressure of work and the inability to see the situation clearly the goblin had put off posting for holding back awhile, saying "...I can see what the saudi coup is, just I can't see how it plays out from here, that what with isreal and saudi intent upon a campaign in lebanon, who doubts that america will be dragged into their scheme then, yet I doubt that the campaign itself can fair any better than syria has, nor iraq for that matter, so will this be just a bombing campaign, or something more like with boots on the ground...", the goblin thanked anna for listening as ever, knowing that the next few days will seem like "slow then sudden" in their occurrence, relating " "the king is dead long live the king", with the plots entering a new stage of an assertive saudi under a lone king replacing that old consensus type saudi under many princes, simply a consolidation of power at the top, just a mcbeth in our times as it were, yet even with this coup the goal in part has to be to get the price of a barrel of oil back over a 100dollars, where anything less would condemn saudi to continue in its unsustainable deficit, so they need something that both constrains the flow of oil through the muddle-east while having the added benefit perhaps of putting iran back in its cage so to speak, thus "slow then sudden" it becomes doesn't it...", how slow seemed the wait beforehand and then how sudden its arrival felt, meanwhile the goblin just preoccupied himself with dailylife once more

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