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Originally Posted by Mohican View Post
Look at Europe - not having access to legal fire arms isn't stopping violence there, now is it?
It probably does mitigate it to varying degrees. But sure, someone can make a bomb at home and set it off during a pop concert. They don't need an assault rifle.

I would go out on a limb and say Europe on balance is culturally less homicidal than America. The most obvious comparison is Switzerland, which allows for gun ownership and has a high ratio of owned guns per person, yet a very low murder rate.

For everyone who thinks it's just a legislative problem has to understand that. The Swiss are getting on just fine. The two main differences between the US and Switzerland on this issue must be cultural and socio-economic. The US obviously has a much higher population, and I imagine some states within the US report similar murder rates to Switzerland, which would be useful to analyse and try to unpack what distinguishes these states from Chicago.

And logically the Swiss attitude is what you want to be aiming for. You don't want the only reason that your son doesn't take out tens of strangers at his local mall to be lack of access to weaponry. You want it to be things like, he has a lot to live for, enjoys his life, is mentally sound etc. If our sons are/have none of these things, whose fault is it?
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.

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