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anna sat curled up in that shared solitude as flea busied himself. She had been getting up to tricks on different threads and sought solace. He waited patiently as she bit her lip. ĎItís about partnership, middle ground, muddling through. Itís all about attaining balance.í I mean what was the point of forfeiting her career only to flick through the pages of that book time and time again to be hit by that manís private message laced menacingly within his tour de force forever then - if she couldnít somehow set the record straight in her own heart. And where is womanís voice in the gun debate, I donít think the female psyche is about power or world domination, or win, I think itís about working in unison, collaboration, interconnection, this shared life. anna giggled softly, kissed the top of his head as he puzzled on and sprinted back into her world. ĎThank you for the hearing of me fleaí she called skipping over puddles in the lamplight as the birds braved another dawn chorus and the leaves glistened.

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