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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post

My thing is simply this: when these new laws come in, and someone obtains an automatic weapon illegally and starts shooting everyone, what conversations will we be having?

We might as well start having that convo now because otherwise you'll forever be railing against symptoms without dealing with causes.

Think of it this way, Chicago is a bloodbath, way moreso I imagine than 50 years ago. Is it because gun laws have relaxed? No, the kids are just way more crazy. Therein lies your cause, best to deal with it if you're serious.
Good points.

What happens in a scenario like that when our government has given out guns to shit bags just across our border and overseas?

There is also a matter of trust.

Has trust in our government gone up or down?

There has always been a strong contingent of gun owners in the US, but ask when gun sales really exploded? Starting in the late Bush I era with Ruby Ridge, and then Clinton and the Waco Fiasco - People who ordinarily wouldn't have bothered with guns have started to buy guns.

In the same time period several other things happened - the crack and cocaine wars dampened down a good bit, and Concealed Carry Permits have become readily available. More people are going armed, small scale armed assaults are dropping as a result of it, so what gets headlines is the mass shootings.

Another thing of interest - the looney left has become a much bigger footprint firearms ownership, really starting November 9, 2016.

With all the factors, even draconian gun confiscations will fail. Or people will go with other means.

Look at Europe - not having access to legal fire arms isn't stopping violence there, now is it?
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