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Pretty much a bloke thing yeah. But who raises the blokes? Fathers are at work, or at war, or drunk in the gutter somewhere. It's women in the nurseries, women in the primary schools. The balance of influence on children doesn't even out until possibly secondary (high) school. I only say this because I believe childhood to be the main cause, and therefore the whole 'it's a bloke thing' is a bit dismissive of women's role in raising stable individuals.

Evolutionarily men are just more aggressive, because we had to go and hunt, compete and protect the tribe. In a more animalistic or 'natural' sense you just don't survive especially well by being meek and passive.

So men have all these aggressive genes which were useful but are bound to backfire. Women are of course not adverse to killing and will under certain conditions encourage it, again in order to compete or protect (as they see it).

It's not like say Cleopatra, Margaret Thatcher, Queen Victoria, Madame Nu, Madame Mao, Griselda Blanco (to name a few) were anything to mess with. This is just for those who think a matriarchy means peace.

My thing is simply this: when these new laws come in, and someone obtains an automatic weapon illegally and starts shooting everyone, what conversations will we be having?

We might as well start having that convo now because otherwise you'll forever be railing against symptoms without dealing with causes.

Think of it this way, Chicago is a bloodbath, way moreso I imagine than 50 years ago. Is it because gun laws have relaxed? No, the kids are just way more crazy. Therein lies your cause, best to deal with it if you're serious.
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.

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