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The following is big picture stuff, I'm not saying stricter laws can't mitigate the issue...

...we don't need new governments
new revolutions
we don't need new men
new women
we don't need new ways
we just need to care.


Personally I think we're conditioned super early to consider every solution through the prism of government and legislation.

The one thing I can say about gun crime is that it's more cultural and socio-economic than anything else. Severity of laws or lack thereof doesn't seem to have much bearing on your murder rate.

In short -- if we want to kill each other, we will. We kinda have to stop wanting to do it if we want things to change.

So the question is, why do people kill? And for me the answer starts by examining childhood. Rare that you won't find a high degree of dysfunction within someone's upbringing who goes onto embark on some killing spree.

So y'know, blame the parents
I don't want any gay people hanging around me while I'm trying to kill kids.
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