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("...humans..." the goblin restarted liking the company he was in, then continuing "'s all symbolism isn't it, why so, because nothing and no one is actually here, where all that is here are just words upon your screen, yet what do all these words do, well they represent meanings, creating worlds and personas by way of what is written here...", the day was fast taking over now, the winter's sun with its deception of warmth changed little towards the temperature though, it burst in as it were, meanwhile the goblin just went "...close your eyes now then try to recall those usernames you've come across to date here on this forum, for example how many posters then, their posts, etc., try also to recall their personas and how you imagine them to be behind that persona there, ah yes, so very difficult isn't it, a blur at best, now may I ask if you can possibly forget having conversed with a goblin like this, for try as you may I suspect that it's too late for you, and that the memory of me is just lodged there in your memory, too easy by half, you may open you're eyes again...", ah but didn't everybody know that goblins were not to be trusted even upon a fine day like this, the goblin smiled on, saying "'re here now, so here is where we'll build up our replyships together if you like, where few will begrudge us the length of this post now, yet each post you do will decide whether they follow you on from there then, so welcome to this world of livewriting...", where a livewriter, well if the goblin could possibly be considered as one, was only ever a few posts away form his own oblivion in a sea of other readerships)

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