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Originally Posted by JohnConstantine View Post
Checkout Bill Hicks' gags about gays in the in the military to get the reference. He satirises certain opinions in the army.

This is the thing right, if you find fault with the text, then you're just reading it wrong. This goes for anything I write

Not reading it wrong, just expanding.

Knew this wealthy homosexual. He'd prey on fourteen- and fifteen-year-old boys. Entice them with his luxurious Cadillac convertible, taking them on joyrides. Give them money. Show them porno films in his townhouse. Then blow them all. Some years later, I met one of the boys, now an adult, who messed around with him. He told me, "Hey, remember that gay guy, he was found with his throat slashed in his townhouse." Don't like to see that stuff happen to anyone, but ... anyone can take advantage of others. One doesn't need to have only stripes or only spots. Predators come in various shapes and forms. Don't deceive yourself believing otherwise.

A person doesn't have to be a member of one specific group to be a menace to society or to have addictions which harm minors.

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