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("...perhaps it's the challenge of becoming that which I am while here I suppose..." related the goblin in all honesty, adding "...I mean if you don't believe in what you write while writing it then do you really think that your readers will believe in it any more than you do...", the old man typed on, ignoring the goblin for a moment as halloween had been that chance to say what must be said to the dead, all summed up in those simple words of "I miss you now", but the goblin in reading his thoughts intervened with the words "...couldn't we just have one halloween where you're not thinking back like that..." their eyes met, then in guilt the old man's eye gaze hit the floor, of course the goblin hadn't meant it like that even if it was like that between them, relating "...remember the plot is a creature one tries to capture for those readers there simply by outlining its footprints to them, yet the real challenge for us at least is not falling too far behind the plot itself while not going too far ahead of those reading you, a steady pace of following the plot while guiding the readers onwards, either way old man it's this online here online or just your dailylife there, so wish the past well and on with the show while it lasts...")

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