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Originally Posted by Birb View Post
I mean, if that's a serious question then...yes? Or more probably I misinterpreted what you said and made a dumb.
(", I'm on the level, and would be only too happy to converse with you now..." replied the goblin enjoying his walk as it were, the moon probably thought them both lunatics though, whereupon the goblin cupped the moon in his hand obligingly, and then added "...yet I imagine that you and I see things quite differently here, here being both the world one creates online, and the persona one chooses while in this world now, mine is as you see it then, yet most writers slip through the memory of their readers because they're foolishly keep trying to bring their readers to their works written elsewhere just like so many door to door salesmen would, perhaps their fate is so well deserved for having little or no persona to go by, I mean would you buy a book by someone you don't know, I wouldn't, moreover what is the point of the plot if they can't remember you by it....", the goblin let go the moon a moment, smiled and then turned back to Birb relating "...your posts are your ambassadors, your persona is who you are here too, and your readers surround you as we speak, would I be wrong in my assuption...", the moon wanted to be held again, while the goblin smiled hoping he wasn't being too forward in his friendliness)

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