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("...naah, none of us are any better than you there, where none of us have any more life than anyone else, instead we're all just faced with a simple choice if we write at alll, that of either finding out who we are inside by what comes out, or compromising to externals for the sake of trinkets of the moneygod or for mere trapping of society, oh yes that "fame and fortune" as you humans put it, sounds more like "vain and cheap" if you ask me..." voiced the goblin looking up a Bird first to see if his eye were not met with frown of contempt for not being able to write eloquently like most others did here, and then looking down to his hands, he confided "...can't say that I use any symbolism myself, yet this slot is always hungry here, and that muse keeps dragging me into her plots, then there's death who reminds me not to dillydally now, moreover I dare say yet more ghosts show up tonight to have me go all over my past again if I so let them, but if only they were just symbolic Bird then I wouldn't have to put with it really...", while outside his apartment the winter's moon was as a white flower in the hazy night's sky that had followed him home from work in the cold it seemed, whereupon the goblin perked up a bit and asked " to walk with me a while, I'm not such bad company considering...")

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