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Originally Posted by Lockette View Post
okay, I believe I have to ask this question. What is it with the genitalia references? Save for a couple here and there, most of your stories use the ol' testicles or the like as a reference point for something. Any specific reason why?

Just that. Everything else seems good.
Maybe that's a better question for Freud? I couldn't tell you. It's possible I'm overusing some phrases throughout some stories. When I think of that feeling of vertigo, or falling or waking up suddenly, that's what I think of.

Originally Posted by Ace-Nectar View Post
"Although morose, this is not gross!", he says, foul fingers emphasizing the wholesomeness of four syllables before a pause.
Man, loved the whole thing. Especially that quoted part. Clever, clever.

I don't read much poetry so I can't give you much of a critique. All I can say is your piece made me feel something and had a good rhythm. I think it's great.


Some life circumstances kept me from writing/being on much the last few weeks. I'm going to try to finish what I started.

Awesome to see other people hopping in though! I hope to see more.
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