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Originally Posted by Lockette View Post
Do it. Most of the stuff I've written on here is depressing. It's a form of expression. If it comes easier than stuff with a positive outlook, embrace it. We read sad stories and depressing tales because we need to feel better about our lives. You could have a career in there ( or at least a dedicated following on here)

I struggle with revising. I hate it. I do it, but it always seems like I'm doing something wrong. I always get that feeling of regret when I rewrite a paragraph. Am I making a mistake? It sucks.

I started writing at age 44. Before that I wrote songs and played the bass guitar.

Once I learned how to write a short story rejected the idea of re-writes for a long time. I thought if I could just make it “perfect” the first time I wouldn’t need to.

I’ve learned in the last six years it’s pretty much impossible to ignore the rules, much as I tried.

Write a first draft (edit as you go, fine).

Let it sit.

Revise first draft.

Seek outside criticism (really listen to what others say about specifics).

Rewrite, refine.

Let a real editor have his shot (I have free access to several; YMMV).

Fix what he/she says (mostly).

Then you have a finished product.

I don’t think there are many short-cuts.

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