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Tad woke to the sun shining into his room. With a grumble he sat up, looking at his alarm clock. 7 o'clock sharp. Standing up he walked into his bathroom. Took a shower. Shaved. Dressed. Upon leaving the bathroom he entered the kitchen and had breakfast. A chocolate fudge Pop Tart. The best kind.

Tad exited his apartment building and dug around in his pocket for his key fob. A press of a button and the doors unlocked. Tad climbed in and hit the ignition. The car started up and he drove to work.

Tad entered the building and took the elevator to the 3rd floor. He set his things down and turned on his

Tad worked as a Data Entry technician in an accounting firm. Boring as it was, he tolerated it, and it put food on the table.

So Tad worked his ass off until the late afternoon. Around 5:30, he got off. Then he left the building and drove back home.

For dinner Tad had a bowl of noodles. Finishing this Tad went into his living area and sat down on his recliner. He turned on the TV and zoned out until around 8:45 PM. Then he went to bed.

Tad did this ritual, day after day, week after week, month after month, for many years. No real changes aside from his preference of toaster pastry and Television. He would do this, day after day, and thought he lived a good life.

One day he woke up and realised how wrong he was. He was doing absolutely nothing for himself, following a dream that wasn’t his. Doing a job he didn’t care about. Contributing to nothing but some rich man’s profits. He was the sheep, and society was the shepard. He would be dragged around at their whim until he got too old. At that point, he would be slaughtered for meat.

If he had to go out, he go out with a flash. On his terms.

Tad dressed. Got in his car. Drove to a clothes store. Only buying things that were almost entirely red, he made an outfit for himself. Red pants, a red shirt, a red baseball cap, and a pair of red sneakers. He changed into these things in the bathroom. Why? It felt right.

He went to a gun store, and bought a small pistol. It was no Colt, but it would stop someone dead in their tracks.

He drove to his final destination. A tall skyscraper, over 60 feet overlooking main street in his city. He took the stairs to the top floor and stood on the lip of the building, looking at the crowd below.

Gripping the pistol, he aimed it at his foot. Self preservation almost won, but he'd gone to far to stop now. The gun went off. He fell.

He landed with a thud, smacking against the pavement, right in front of poor Rebecca Thurman. She was on vacation, here to see the lights and sounds of the city. She screamed and fainted.

The police were called. They collected the body and determined it was a suicide. No more investigation was needed.

Tad had died. And no one cared. The sun went round and round without him.


Oh lord, that was rough. It isn't the best thing I've done, but it's probably more polished than anything else. Jeez, this is short. And bland. Wow.
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