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Default Writing Prompt #51 - "Sunrise/Sunset: It goes round and round" - 10/1/17 to 10/15/17

Writers, poets, journeymen!

This section of the forum seems to be dead, but as we all know, dead things can be fun to play with.

Who wants to try a prompt together? Perhaps a moderator can jump in and help us out with one.

(..."if there's no interest," the necromancer said, "then let this thread die, possibly to be resurrected at a more opportune time. But if a goblin so wishes to come out from under his bridge, give us a riddle to toil over and mayhap solve...")

Who's in?

*looking at some of you Writer's Beat OG's*



: It goes round and round.

Contributions should be in short story format.

Each contributor should post in a reply to this thread.

Each contributor should comment/critique other submissions after the deadline.

Winner gets 8,653.5 points.

This is the thread where everything's made up and the points don't matter.

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