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Default Does this count as a plot hole?

I was told this was a plot hole in my story, and wanted some more opinions.

Basically the villain is the leader of a gang, and he has leverage on his members, should his members turn on him. Like if something were to happen to the leader, he has arranged for the leverage on that member to go to the police.

Basically the main character, who is a cop, finds out that the villain has leverage on all his members, and tricks the villain, by giving him a reason to turn over the leverage on one of his members. The villain goes to where he is keeping the leverage on everyone, which is buried in the ground, in a secluded place.

The MC is tracking the villain with a tracking device. Once the villain leaves, the MC finds the buried evidence, and calls for back up, to investigate it. The police now have evidence on the all the members of the gang, accept the leader of course.

However, I was told it was a plot hole, cause the leader wouldn't be stupid enough to keep i in the ground, where someone else could accidentally find it. The reason I had for him to keep it buried in the ground, so if the police ever got a search warrant to search his property or his computer, they wouldn't find all the leverage on everyone.

But I was told it was a plot hole and it makes no smart sense for the villain to do that, especially since he has been smart all along, so it's inconsistent. But at the same time, in order to get caught, he has to slip up somewhere.

What do you think?

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