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Luciaphile 11-10-2017 07:24 AM

Lonesome for fellow writers..
Hi all, I was here some time in the past but let myself lapse, so let me introduce myself once more. I have self published some books to be found on Amazon under Debbie Bumstead, which aren't selling very well. I'm retired from work as a teaching assistant at a community college English dept where I spent time reading pretty badly written essays. Fun! I'm humble about my ability to help other writers, but I would like to join in with lots of comments for you all. I do have some writing to share, an unfinished short story, sometime soon. Let's all keep writing! Thanks.

Luciaphile 11-10-2017 07:25 AM

P.S. the link in my signature doesn't work, and I don't know how to take it out..?

fleamailman 11-10-2017 11:00 AM

("...welcome back..." went the goblin wondering if "Ctrl A" follow by "space" might work would in clearing away the signature, then "Ctrl V" with the new text and signature to overwrite it, he restarted "...sad to hear about your books, though one idea might be to read your own book into a podcast and then upload that podcast on youtube as an audiobook there, I mean if they like book one, then they might buy book two, on to book three...", not that the goblin knew anything about books really, yes he had read some in his day and passed over others too, no instead he just liked chatting with anyone who'd care to converse with him here, smiling "...me, I guess I'm looking for someone who writes in her posts for the wholesome pleasure of it, or because they're a bit knocked off making them extraordinary in their encounter, or because they're someone who wants to pass the very essence of they're existence through the focus of their pen here, well any reason perhaps just as long as it's uplifting to read though...", at which point the goblin's wide eyes looked up at Debbie for a glitter of recollection, relating "...years pass but not here when you're anonymous like this, so welcome back now, I'll be where I was before...")

brianpatrick 11-10-2017 08:44 PM

Welcome back. Don’t know how to fix the link thing. We’ve had some technical difficulties surrounding pics and links.

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Luciaphile 11-10-2017 09:11 PM

The goblin is a very interesting critter. Seems he's got some wisdom from sitting under the bridge - oh, that was the troll and the billy goats gruff. Anyway thanks for your thoughts, both fleamailman and brianpatrick.

fleamailman 11-11-2017 10:10 AM

(and then having pressed the "new posts" button as was custom in these parts the goblin appeared as if out of nowhere only to reply "...I like you, you seem to have a way with words then and it would be so nice to have you post more..", in fact, whereas trolls lived mostly under bridges goblins tended to live in the comfort of their caverns, though instead this goblin lived in the city of geneva switzerland relating "...well yes, geneva is just an open cavern of comfort if ever such a thing could exist reallly, where unlike other cities across europe, geneva has followed the swiss trait of trying to contribute to conflicts behind the scenes while remaining out of them too, but perhaps we can go into that another time as I'm sure you're more interested in what you can get out of this forum now, which does beg the question then of "what you'd care to put into the forum to gain anything out of it", but let's see then...", as the goblin paused, weighed up a few thoughts in his mind before restarting "...well, at the end of the day a writer is just as he or she writes directly I guess regardless of "where" "what" and "when", I mean would you follow any author who goes around with some out of date mindset of "well these are my posts indeed, but instead of my posts really you should be reading my books because they're so much better" but that alas Debbie is what one often notes of writertypes on writer's forums, it's as if that elsewhereness thwarts their very goal of gaining readership through contacting their readers here, precisely because it shows that those authors don't acknowledge their readers as already reading them in whatever they post now, thus the plot is in the post, and the post gives birth to the plot too, is all I'm saying...", to which the goblin knew that there was more and hoped that Debbie was not adverse to his unseemly company)

Luciaphile 11-12-2017 07:46 PM

I do understand the funny goblin, though he speaks in a convoluted manner that mixes up my mind before it translates itself by osmosis, I guess. I do feel we are who we are as writers from what we write to each other or to many others, from the least of sentences to the mostest pages (one of my books is 400 pages long). What we write to each other, whether conversation or critique, shows our levels of humanity, whether we know it or not. No, Goblin, Debbie isn't a lecturer. She's going to be quiet now, since she doesn't know if she's right or not.

anna 11-13-2017 12:48 AM

hello Debbie, rightly or wrongly anna wasn’t sure she qualified as a writer so to speak, she certainly lacked the authority in her own head to welcome you back to a writers forum but not in her gut. Best wishes.

fleamailman 11-13-2017 10:13 AM

(which was the moment the goblin returned not sure if he understood much about this humanity business though, no his dailylife was more or less a whole bunch of humans with their expectations upon him, so much so in fact that he often found himself longing for the freedom of this internet here, smiling "...for in truth here we are mere personas of ourselves now, no we don't really have an age, nor a gender, nor any of those given out details meant to create our own image by, why, because no one or nothing is here really, instead what's here are just words upon your screen Debbie where the reader is blind and we are their eyes for them, we deal in representations such as these words are, and are so practiced at it that they don't even notice the deception of it, it's what they want though, just to be taken outside themselves...", yet the goblin had been here before, then adding "...and thus we live in this virtual reality then, not that that is anything new between us, no it's been like this since time in memorial, only that "virtual reality" went by some other name of "fiction", so my goal would be writing in these posts here, if only because life is but once and their attention span is but a mere few lines at best, plus they do so want to reply too, thus whereas a writer like yourself would write for a readership there, me I write more for a replyship here instead, being anonymous I have no elsewhere...", but that was just goblins for you, somehow they always had an agenda even if the meant well by it)

anna 11-13-2017 11:05 AM

anna rushed in mischievously, side stepped the goblin and grabbed Debbie’s unfinished short story. She snuck off with it and cut it into little segments with special word scissors, ‘bite size chunks for the thread flea!’ then she gently placed it all in a box, stuck an arrow on the top with her spearmint chewing gum and labeled it ‘for Debbie - this way’

fleamailman 11-13-2017 11:24 AM

("...yes, segments is what they'll read..." agreed the goblin thanking anna)

Luciaphile 11-13-2017 08:55 PM

To Anna and the goblin, I have posted a part of the short story in the fiction forum for you. I think that's what you asked me to do? I'm not too good at figuring out meanings especially when stated by goblins and mischievous annas.

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