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jennyr 03-09-2010 05:02 AM

Hi, yes I'm also new
Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm 19. This looks like a great place to help other writers and be helped. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

I've been writing since I was 15, but I feel embarrassed to say I haven't finished either of the two books I'm working on but I'm getting there...

I love fiction and I'm currently workin on a historical romance and somthing I think is coming along to be a thriller.

Tau 03-09-2010 05:30 AM

Welcome Jenny to WB
Have a :cookie:

There is nothing to be ashamed of, many writers struggle with completing their first books.


jennyr 03-09-2010 05:46 AM

Mmm yummy cookie

Thanks Tau

Dragon King 03-09-2010 07:07 AM

Ha, I know the feeling with never finishing books... O' course, I've barely started any of mine, my record is 2,800 words :P However, with the help of these guys, gals and canines, I'm holding out hope for my new one, as should you for yours :) anyway, people here are nice and friendly and realllly helpful :)

enjoy your time here. And the cookie :)

jennyr 03-09-2010 08:20 AM

Thank you and the cooke was so yummy that I went into the kitchen and got baking!

Glad to know its not only me :p Let me guess? You start writing new books whenever you get new ideas? Thats somthing that keeps tempting me but I managed to resist and stay on track with the two I have. Just need to stay focused and I do need all the help i can get!

Dragon King 03-09-2010 08:24 AM

I get an idea, write a few pages, then become convinced my writing is so terrible it should never see the light of day and abandon/trash it... The idea I'm currently doing was one I abandoned last year but realised wasn't so bad...

jennyr 03-09-2010 08:44 AM

Oh man, I did the exact same thing! I'm accustomed to writing fiction with adult characters, but this one time I decided to portray a teenage girl and it would be a whole supernatural thing, got about four chapters on it, my sister read it and loved it then I decided i hated it and deleted it.

Now, I regret it because when I think back, it was a catchy story that I don't think I'll be able to write again.

Lesson learned: You're your worst critic

Every since, I jus keep all my stuff, no matter how bad i think it is because eventually I might change my mind. You should probably do that too to save yourself the regret

Dragon King 03-09-2010 08:47 AM

I've started:

standard fantasy (swords and magic) novel
vamp detective novel
assassin novel x2
and a couple of others I don't remember...

jennyr 03-09-2010 08:55 AM

Those sound good, I love reading about supernatural stuff

Have you posted any parts here?

Dragon King 03-09-2010 08:56 AM

first part of the story I'm currently working on... It's in Fiction, under Tamak :)

jennyr 03-09-2010 09:03 AM

Ok I'll check it out. Always do like to see fellow writers' ideas and style of writing

Dragon King 03-09-2010 09:04 AM

cool :) It's a less edited version than the one that I currently have on my hard drive, but I'm going to post the re-edited version and what else I've done soon :)

Auburnville 03-09-2010 10:23 AM

Hello and belated welcome JennyR :)

jennyr 03-09-2010 01:27 PM

Thanks Auburnville, I don't think its too belated :)

Dragon King 03-09-2010 01:29 PM

5 hours isn't too bad ;)

jennyr 03-09-2010 01:42 PM

No I don't think it is, lol.

I think I should really be writing right now but writer's block is a pain isn't it?

Sometimes I think its just a lazy excuse too

Dragon King 03-09-2010 01:44 PM

actually, I find this site helps me for that... Talking to others and critiquing gives me time to work out problems I have and give me ideas. It's part of the reason why I post such a stupid amount :) Also, the competitions are good practise :)

Tau 03-09-2010 01:48 PM

Argh! A Troll!

Dragon King 03-09-2010 01:48 PM

And an eloquent one at that ;)

jennyr 03-09-2010 02:48 PM

I'm glad you found a way to beat writer's block! Wish i could. The longer I get it, the more lazy I become. I think I'll post up a chapter or two of my work and maybe people's feedback can help me get going again.

I've written up something for the competition too, but I'm kinda regretting it already. I'm not a short stories kinda person. I always need alot of room and 250 words seems hardly an introduction lol

IndigoScarecrow 03-09-2010 04:23 PM

.....someone said cookie o.O and hi Jen. I'm a noob too. I'm 19 and just getting into writing myself. I'm about to make my first pass at writing anything with length and it's nice to meet you. Ya sorry that was a bit random.

jennyr 03-10-2010 03:35 AM

Hi IndigoScarecrow, what do you write?

prenticeparton 03-10-2010 06:41 AM

Welcome! Thrillers are my absolute favorite.

jennyr 03-10-2010 06:49 AM

Thanks. Mine too, especially legal thrillers (wish I could write them *sigh*)

prenticeparton 03-10-2010 06:51 AM

why couldn't you?

jennyr 03-10-2010 06:59 AM

Well, all I know about law is what I've read in novels and all I know about trials are the little debates I have with friends over silly stuff :p and what's a good legal thriller without some great court room action?

What do you write by the way? (its so fun to ask that question seeing as I have only one friend that writes)

prenticeparton 03-10-2010 07:01 AM

I write my dreams, thoughts, lyrics, feelings, etc. I posted something a few minutes ago in the "Lyrics" forum on here if you want to check it out.

jennyr 03-10-2010 07:03 AM

Yeah I'll check it

Dragon King 03-10-2010 07:04 AM

I've got a similar thing with the legal thrillers - I'd like to write a detective novel, but I don't really know enough and don't have the time/money for proper research. Maybe something I can work on in the future though :)

jennyr 03-10-2010 07:32 AM

Detective novels are entertaining! Yeah, I tell myself that too, I was even thinking about studying law for a bit but... not sure. And then I tell myself, even if i do become dedicated and try to write it, fat chance I'll become the next John Grisham!

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