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Cityboy 12-13-2017 10:56 AM


Any young man aspiring to become a world famous lover would receive the best training for his occupation in the arms of a brunette. A brunette would show him techniques unknown even to the great Casanova, most legendary of all male lovers. Because of the brunette's unsurpassable bedroom charms, she would be most suited to launch a young man towards a successful career in the art of seduction. Once a young trainee spends an evening cuddled by a brunette, he will understand fully the mechanics of love-making and be capable of capturing the heart of any woman, regardless of how difficult she might be to seduce; eventually, she'll submit to his desire.

Of course, my theory a brunette makes the best romantic instructor has received criticism from skeptics who argue that a stunning blonde or a dazzling redhead can teach a man much more than a brunette ever could. But should the skeptics be believed? Well, recently, when a reporter asked a group of skeptics whether any had spent an evening pampered by a beautiful brunette, not a single one stated he had. And to make matters worst for the skeptics, the same reporter asked a class of young lovers from whom they preferred to learn the the tricks of the trade, and all of them smiled and shouted harmoniously, "Brunettes!"

And, finally, to further disprove the skeptics, one could seek the opinion of any world-famous lover trained by a brunette. The response from these international "lady-killers" would always the same. Whether one sought the advice from Romeo, Mark Antony, Lancelot, Valentino -- one would hear always the same statement: that in the sultry world of romance and love, the brown-haired beauty reigns supremeóthat the brunette is the true goddess. The brunette is the queen of love, not the blonde or the redhead. Therefore, I urge all young men still searching for that special lady. First, seek yourself a brunette! Receive the proper training in her arms. And then I guarantee the techiques learned from her would ensure a happy marriage when you finally encounter the woman of your dreams.

brianpatrick 12-13-2017 03:01 PM

Did you write this, or is it a copy and paste?

I donít think hair color has anything to do with prowess in the bedroom. I mean, it just doesnít.

Not sure what this piece is really aiming at.

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Grace Gabriel 12-13-2017 11:20 PM

Youth is so beautiful and unconsciously sexy - but you don't realise it until you've lost that bloom.

No, the young are simply gorgeous, regardless of hair colour.

Pretty sure a sixty year old brunette wouldn't be more highly rated than a twenty year old blonde...unless, of course, you hold the memory of her twenty year old skin and love her.

Myers 12-14-2017 05:54 AM

The whole idea that anyone needs to be taught sexual prowess to become some kind of Great Lover is kind of funny to me -- and hopefully, that's the intent here.

I do think that if one partner has experience and the other doesn't, then some guidance and reassurance may be in order. But it's not a sport.

Mostly, I think it just takes a little empathy, imagination and practice.

Not unlike writing -- or maybe any pursuit that's worthwhile. :)

JP_Inkswell 12-15-2017 09:41 AM

Brunettes are more likely to be screamers. And no, my survey sample is not large enough to be statistically valid. That's just an opinion.

fleamailman 12-15-2017 11:07 AM

("...I'm not fussy, the one that loves me is the one I want, the rest you can keep now..." shouted the goblin, adding "...anyway, it's well written, and makes sense too, even if you do suggest our seeking collaboration from the likes of Romeo, Mark Antony, Lancelot, Valentino, which might be a little bit difficult though seeing that they're either somewhat factious or long dead, leading me to that other conjecture now that "scot's wives are the best in the world or else the beat you up now" but I digress somewhat...", but the was just happy to have had something to read)

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