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Devon 12-21-2012 01:41 AM

A Friendly Reminder to all Members
Dear members,

Where our boards used to be a friendly, relaxed, and open-minded community, lately the tendency to attack one another and not allow for a diversity of opinions threatens to spoil the experience for both new and seasoned members who seek a supportive writing environment—one we would all like the Beat to be.

Remember: We are a writer's forum. Writers write and critique each others' work. We have the Cafe and the Intellectual Table for other discussions and conversations, but the Write Here forum is our main focus. As of late, we, the staff, feel we've needed to step in far too many times to extinguish fires that would not have flared had people walked away from arguments before they got out of hand.

Most of us seek to improve our writing. Please give critiques in a way you, yourself, would like to receive them, and critique
the piece, not belittle the writer nor other critiques given before yours. If your work has been critiqued, please remember the critic has taken the time and effort to mark up your piece. Be graceful, even if you don't like what's been said about your work. (See our FAQ) Better to receive constructive criticism in a supportive environment where a project could be improved, than to publish and later discover your project needed more work.

Please note: The majority of our members are adults. It's expected adults will act accordingly—
with good sense and maturity.

So, let's end this year and start the next more cordially around the Beat, and not spiral down into a community where no critique is well received and members haven't the common courtesy to grant each other their diverse and varied opinions. (And yes, this extends to
all areas of our forum, Intellectual Table included—please review the IT rules and guidelines.)

Thank you all for your cooperation,

Writer's Beat Staff

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