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DavidP 07-25-2010 03:40 AM

The Society for Open Digital Literature is looking to sponsor talented writers
The Society for Open Digital Literature is a non-profit organisation that aims to increase the accessibility of digital literature (that is, literature created specifically for online distribution).

The internet has evolved into a networked-system whereby great quantities of content can be downloaded and redistributed with ease. In this sense, the publishing industry is going down the same path as the recording industry and instead of relying on intense copyright restrictions and litigation to protect an author’s rights, sodl.org offers a radically different approach.

Our philosophy at the Society for Open Digital Literature revolves around two principles:
  1. To provide open access to all digital literature
  2. To create a system of reimbursement which places the onus of payment in the hands of the reader
The books available on sodl.org are free to download and redistribute online or in print. They operate on a ‘name your own price’ basis, so if you enjoy reading a ‘sodl’ book and would like to make a donation to the author, you have the option to do so. There is no obligation; the decision rests with you, the reader.


Aside from being a more ethical means of cultural transference than the proprietary approach adopted by Hollywood and the recording industry, the commons-based approach adopted by sodl.org has many advantages for writers:
  • We provide an alternative platform for talented writers who do not wish to go through the publishing industry. In this respect, writers have more freedom to write how they want to write without having to worry how the final product will be seen by the editors at the publishing house.
  • By adopting a commons-based approach to publication, writers are much more in touch with their audiences. They know how many times their books have been downloaded and, out of those downloads, how many people have donated money in appreciation of their book. It is also much easier to receive feedback with a digital text than with a printed text.
  • Writers who would not usually have their works published have an opportunity to draw a decent income (do not be discouraged over the ‘name your own price’ system; people are very generous when they see quality work)

Each book sponsored by sodl.org has been selected on the basis of quality and ingenuity. All genres are accepted provided they satisfy these two conditions.

Writers: If you would like to be sponsored by the Society for Open Digital Literature, send a copy of your text to – sodl2010@yahoo.com

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